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„Stop the murderers of the Islamic Republic“

On the occasion of the Munich Security Conference, an alliance of around 25 international NGOs campaigning for change in Iran has drafted an open letter. The demand: to put the regime of the Islamic Republic clearly in its place.

Read the letter in Farsi:

Download PDF • 455KB

The letter in full:

Dear Chairman Heusgen,

Dear Secretary-General Guterres,

Respected representatives of the free world,

We, the signatories of this open letter, express our delight at the decision to exclude representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the Munich Security Conference. At the same time, we call for serious support for the Iranian democracy movement and demand an end to the appeasement policy towards the mullah regime!

Despite the most difficult conditions created by oppression, arrests, torture and executions, the Iranian people continue their struggle against the inhuman regime. Particularly noteworthy is the peaceful resistance of women who are courageously rising up against the gender apartheid and restrictive Islamist laws. Their indomitable determination is shaking the ideological pillars of the regime.

Day after day and in every corner of the country, students, pensioners, workers, teachers, and numerous other professional groups are protesting ever more openly against the criminal Islamist regime. Even in prisons, political prisoners are pushing for liberation from the constraints of theocracy despite being tortured. They emphasise the importance of democracy and secularism as a prerequisite for peace, prosperity, and security.

The Islamic regime is showing its true nature more than ever: through brutal repression at home and support for barbaric attacks by terrorist groups and organisations outside the country. These actions highlight the deep rift between the regime and the peace-loving Iranian people.

The Islamic Republic and its Revolutionary Guard Corps have a long history of serious crimes at the international level. These include 45 years of torture and execution in prisons, the killing of protesters in the streets, bombings and terror against political opponents abroad, the downing of the PS752 passenger flight, crimes in Russia, the training of militias in Iraq, Yemen and other countries with the aim of exporting Islamist terror, as well as political influence and destabilisation of the region. They also supply drones to the Russian military, contributing to the killing of thousands of civilians in Ukraine. They also provide financial and military support to terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

We condemn warmongering propaganda and reject war as a means of resolving political conflicts. We urge you and the international community to seriously confront and stop the murderers (those responsible) of the Islamic Republic, who are considered one of the biggest supporters of terrorism and human rights criminals.

The Mullah regime and its Revolutionary Guard Corps are major contributors to the escalation of crises in the region and benefit from these crises to advance their ideology and goals. Their actions are not only plunging the world into chaos but are directly or indirectly claiming numerous lives every day in all corners of the world. We urge you to support the secular, liberal, democratic, peaceful, and anti-discriminatory movement "Woman, Life, Freedom" to achieve stable peace in the region.

We request for:

1. Unconditional release of political prisoners and cessation of executions!

Advocate strongly for the unconditional release of political prisoners and immediate cessation of executions in Iran!

2. No platform for oppressors!

Representatives of the Islamic Republic do not represent the Iranian people but oppressors. Do not give these oppressors a platform in various international forums!

3. Assist the disabled and prosecuted protesters

Assist the wounded and protesters who had to leave Iran due to ongoing repression and are now stranded at national borders in uncertainty. Provide them the opportunity to live in safety. Also, cease deportations to Iran.

4. Terminate economic relations and freeze assets!

Terminate your economic relations with all entities connected to the Islamic Republic and freeze their assets!

5. Cut off financial support for terrorist networks!

The Islamic Republic uses digital currencies to support terrorist networks. Cut off terrorists' access to financial sources and digital currencies!

6. Free access to the internet for the Iranian people!

Unrestricted access to the internet is crucial for freedom of information and the exchange of ideas, especially in a country characterized by censorship and state control.

7. Designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its networks as terrorist organizations!

The IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) is one of the most powerful and influential institutions in Iran, playing a central role in suppressing the Iranian population and promoting terrorism abroad. The inclusion of the IRGC in the list of terrorist organizations sends strong signal and supports efforts to combat terrorism.

Signatory organisations, as at February 2024

Alliance path for Iran (API)



Behervoiceteam Köln

Bonyad Mahsa

Comite National

Echo Iran

Frauen* Leben Freiheit Koblenz

Hamrah United


Iran Lovers

Iranian Solidarity Group New Zealand

Menschenrechte-Einundzwanzig e. V.

MCSDI Minnesota, Minneapolis USA

Norsk Iransk Raad

Ottawa Woman Life Freedom Association

PS752Justice - The Association of Families of Flight PS752 Victims

Simorgh Center of Quebec

Solidarität mit der iranische Revolution Frankfurt/Mainz



Unione Attivisti Iraniani in Italia

Woman Life Freedom Essen e. V.

Woman Life Freedom Wuppertal

Woman* Life Freedom Munich e. V. (WLF Munich)

Woman* Life Freedom Nürnberg-Erlangen e. V.

Zan Zendegi Azadi Göttingen


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