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Iran Hangs Protester Mohammad Ghobadlou Whose Sentence Was Overturned

The Iranian government executed a young protester named Mohammad Ghobadlou early on a Tuesday, despite his death sentence being overturned by the country's Supreme Court.

According to IranIntl Ghobadlou was accused of killing a policeman with his car during protests in 2022, a charge he and his lawyer denied, claiming evidence of his innocence. His lawyer was given only half a day's notice before the execution, which he described as "murder" since Ghobadlou had the right to appeal the overturned verdict.

The night before the execution, Ghobadlou's family and supporters gathered outside the prison, hoping to delay the execution, but he was executed right after sunrise. A video showed his mother at the prison, accusing the guards of killing her son who protested for the youth's rights.

In 2023, Iran executed approximately 800 people, including political prisoners who often face unfair trials. This execution is notable as it's the first time a death sentence was carried out after being rejected by a higher court, leading to questions about the reasons and timing.

During the 2022-2023 anti-regime protests in Iran, security forces killed about 550 protesters and arrested 22,000. Hundreds were injured, many suffering permanent disabilities.


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