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Jailed Iranian Protest Rapper Salehi Faces 10 Charges

Iranian rapper Toomaj Salehi, a well-known figure in Iran's 2022 protests, now faces a total of 10 legal accusations, according to his attorney.

According to IranWire on January 21, in a message shared on social media platform X, attorney Amir Raisian reported that Iran's Supreme Court had dismissed five of the initial eight charges against Salehi.

Despite this, a local court in Isfahan upheld the original eight charges and introduced two new ones, including "aiding in [armed] insurrection" and "conspiracy to commit security-related offenses," as stated by Raisian.

Raisian highlighted the illogical nature of the "aiding in insurrection" charge, noting the absence of any other defendants in the case.

Salehi, aged 33, was first detained in October 2022 following his vocal support for the national demonstrations that began a month earlier.

In July 2023, Salehi received a prison sentence of six years and three months for "spreading corruption on Earth."

He was temporarily released on bail on November 18, after the Supreme Court identified errors in the original judgment upon appeal and remanded the case to a lower court for reconsideration and potential retrial.

However, Salehi was re-incarcerated shortly afterward, on November 30.


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