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Hacked Documents Reveal Iran’s Strategies To Bypass Sanctions

A leak of documents from the Iranian parliament's media arm, attributed to the hacktivist group Uprising till Overthrow, has exposed Tehran's elaborate strategies to evade US sanctions. These documents reveal the Iranian parliament's coordination with sanctioned entities and individuals to facilitate trade, hide identities, and bypass international regulatory oversight.

According to IranIntl, strategies detailed include falsifying purchase documents, exploiting customs and banking regulations, and providing foreign currency support to mitigate sanction impacts. The leaked data, comprising internal communications and a confidential 14-page letter from August 2023, outlines methods for supporting sanctioned parties, including identity changes and financial incentives in banking, tax, and customs sectors.

This effort, part of Iran's Sanctions Counteraction Headquarters' activities established in 2018, also includes legal support and security measures for those working against sanctions, and tactics for importing restricted goods through document tampering and using foreign intermediaries. The revelations underscore Iran's systemic efforts to maintain its economy amidst sanctions, involving high-level government coordination. The leak's timing ahead of Iran's parliamentary elections underscores political implications, highlighting concerns over electoral integrity and continuing the pattern of Uprising till Overthrow's disclosures on Iranian government operations.


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