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Hacked Documents: Islamic Republic’s Judiciary Under Command of IRGC

Hacked documents by hacktivist group “Ghyam Sarnegouni” (Uprising Until Downfall) provide an invaluable insight into the Islamic Republic’s system of repression, as well as clearly demonstrating how the Judiciary acts as an extension of the security apparatus.

The documents include an order by the IRGC Sarallah Headquarters banning judges from issuing verdicts in student protester cases without opinions from the security forces. It states:

“In regards to judgements made by the judicial system without the case officer’s opinion concerning defendants in recent riots, a decision has been made that a letter be sent to the Head of Judiciary to request that any decisions in defendant cases, particularly pardons, sentence reductions, suspensions etc.. be taken with the opinion of the case officer (with emphasis on students).”

The case officers in question refer to interrogators. The order adds: “In this regard, the Tehran province Intelligence Organisation and the IRGC Intelligence Organisation must correspond with the Head of Judiciary separately.”

The 7 February 2023 document, which has been classified as highly confidential, was approved in a meeting that took place two days prior, on 5 February. The order was signed by Hossein Salami, Commander-in-chief of the IRGC and his deputy, Hossein Nejat. The Sarallah Headquarters is one of the IRGC’s key command units, tasked with suppressing protests in Tehran.


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